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  • System Engineering
    Gas Detection

    Our firmware protects millions of lives every day in hazardous work environments.

    Fully standard-compliant designs
  • Safety Critical Embedded Solutions
    Material Handling

    Fortune 500 companies partner us to achieve automated operations

    Process automation applications
  • Rail

    We help our partners serve 85% of the market.

    Control yard and rail operations
  • Mining

    Powersoft19 has helped top notch OEMs and industry leaders in building numerous wireless monitoring, control, and networking solutions for mining.

    Wireless monitoring and networking
  • Quality Assurance
    Quality Assurance

    Polish your products with a thorough quality assurance and see the results.

    Quality matters
  • IT Managed Services
    IT Managed Services

    When every second counts and every bit matters, entrust it to professionals.

    Up and running
  • Multimedia

    Give a lively perspective to your business with a choice of interactivity options.

    Stand out in the crowd
  • Outsourcing Services

    Choose the best resources for a flawless, professional outcome.

    Lighten up