Analog Electronics

Precision of the design can make or break analog electronics. On the other hand, analog designs are inherently complex. To balance functionality and efficiency amid this complexity is the work of an imaginative engineer. Our engineers build precise analog electronic designs that are employed in power supplies, audio signal processing systems, sensor interfaces, and data acquisition systems. We combine our design services with prototyping and simulation services to deliver a complete solution to our clients.

The systems designed by us are very precise in their output and effectively manage the problem of signal to noise ratio. You can benefit from our quality design services complemented with prototyping and simulation services.

Analog Electronics Design Capabilities

  • Low noise circuit design
  • Precision measurement techniques
  • Audio system design
  • SPICE circuit modeling and analysis
  • Sensors and interfacing
  • Noise and TDMA noise suppression in audio circuits
  • A2D and D2A conversion
  • Class D power amplifier circuits
  • Low Power and Wideband designs
  • Data Acquisition