Certification Oriented Development

We, at Powersoft19, specialize in certification oriented development of complex systems. Our lead engineers have expertise in a variety of international standards related to safety and reliability of systems. Our approach towards developing standard-compliant products is to incorporate certification process from the day 1 in the product life cycle - that's why it is termed as "Certification Oriented Development". Meanwhile our engineers excel in working on legacy product designs and making them compliant to the industry standards. We have experience of working with FCC, UL, TUV, DOT, DOE, FDA, .CE, MSHA, ATEX, SIRA, and HART foundation.

Certification Oriented Development Capabilities

  • FCC Part 15 – Non Intentional Radiators
  • Electromagnetically Compatible Electronics (EN 61000)
  • Intrinsically Safe Electronics (EN 60079)
  • Functionally Safe Electronics (EN 61508)
  • Design Assurance for Airborne Electronics (DO 254)
  • Remote Control Locomotive Safety (49 CFR Part 229-15)