Right the First Time

Converting your imagination into a useful hardware product feels good; but building a good, standard compliant hardware design in the first go is just remarkable - and rare. The secrets behind this feat are the good old experience, attention to detail, a specialized process, the best tools, and careful planning. The most efficient hardware is designed in environments where there is due diligence in refining the hardware engineering processes, visionary investment in cutting-edge design tools, specialized engineering project management, and above all, a continuous improvement culture. Powersoft19 hardware engineering division is among the very few electronics design service centers where all these conditions are met. Here electrical and mechanical engineers do the actual Printed Circuit Board layout and Electronic Packaging designing. That’s why our hardware engineering team has a reputation of creating designs for which most of the time the first or the second revision is released into production.

Lean Processing and Transparency

In order to meet the ever shortening time-to-market goals, our teams have made it a habit of preventing unnecessary delays in processes, communication, or just about anything. That is, we ensure lean processes, not only in manufacturing or development, but also in communication and management.

We, at Powersoft19, work with teams coming together from multiple time zones and diverse cultures. That’s why we take special care in keeping our communication alive all the time, but we do it without increasing the budget. High-speed data links, phones, and video conferencing are our go-to solutions. In this way we eliminate travel costs while ensuring that all transactions and engagements are completely transparent and as lean as possible.

Smaller, Better, Faster

The electronics industry’s unceasing demand of reducing the size and energy consumption while maximizing features and efficiency has led us to be innovative in our design approach. We use concurrent and integrated engineering processes along with specialized tools for electronic packaging, multi-board designs and energy optimization. We push the limits on the conventional designs while meeting the industrial standards for quality and reliability. With a blend of the latest technologies and creative design techniques, we get the best of both worlds, i.e. high quality products that meet the size-feature ratio challenges of today and tomorrow.

Highest Employee Retention Rate in the Industry

Our teams love working at Powersoft19 as we have an amazing work environment where creativity thrives. For us, this means 95.5% team retention since last 10 years which is way higher than the industry norms. For our clients, working with the same teams brings a peace of mind as they don't have to train new resources every other day (as is the case with most outsourcing companies). Another advantage is the accelerated performance: due to a long-term working relationship, our teams retain knowledge about client requirements, design processes, and industry standards.