Mature Process

In more than 20 years of industrial work experience, our design processes have matured to reflect the best practices and practical knowledge applicable across industries. We have successfully completed projects with diverse requirements such as shorter time to market for consumer electronics, highly complex safety-critical systems for locomotives I/O controls, intrinsically safe portable gas monitors, and ultra-low power smart wrist bands, to name a few. We continuously learn while fulfilling such diverse requirements. Our core team members discuss and implement possible improvements in our hardware designing process after the completion of each project. We are proud of this tradition as this has been our savior in this cutthroat competition.

International Standards Compliance

Our hardware engineering process complies with the guidelines of safety standards like EN 61508 (Functional Safety) and DO 254 (Design Assurance Guidelines for Airborne Electronics). This helps us execute certification-oriented development and minimize the time needed for adapting any product to a standard – since all of the documentation and the development complies with the requirements of the certification agency from the start of a project.

Scalable Process

One of the most useful features of our hardware engineering process is its scalability. It can be tailored to meet specific demands of a project, depending upon the technical and financial risks involved. The spectrum of our processes covers the whole life cycle of new product development – from concept development and design implementation to mass production.

On-Demand and Flexible Engagements

Customization is the one word that best describes us as a team. We not only produce custom-tailored solutions, but also give our clients multiple options of selecting a business model through which they may engage us.

We can perform as an extension of your hardware engineering team, as a turn-key solution provider, or somewhere in between to best fit your needs. We believe in zeroing-in on the business challenges of our clients and then offering them the most suitable business model to meet those challenges.

Smooth Execution

When it comes to hardware design, no one likes surprises – especially near the closing of a project. To keep the project execution as smooth as possible, our hardware engineering process is augmented with support processes like independent quality assurance, safety assessment, certification liaison, process assurance, project management, design assurance, and configuration management. These services make sure that the seemingly benign issues, that may become ugly surprises down the road, are not overlooked or taken for granted. With a glitch-free execution, we support a pleasant relationship with our clients throughout a project.