In the world today, as the available energy resources are depleting, efficient use of energy has become more important than ever. Smart grid technology enables the power companies to efficiently control and monitor the power flow in the system. The real time monitoring of the devices connected on the power grid generates big data that is analyzed and steps are taken to improve the performance of the grid with minimum losses.

Powersoft19 provides smart grid solutions to improve the operational efficiency of our clients' businesses. Some of the solutions that we have developed for our valued clients are mentioned below:

  • Development of a DSP Controller Board for Solid State Transformer. This solution supported complex Analog and Digital Signal Processing and had multiple communication interfaces including optical transceivers for connectivity with the other electronics subsystems.
  • Smart Renewable Energy Power Converter solution that included a hybrid power converter with intelligent battery charging and management system. This solution supported inputs from wind and solar energy generating sources. This system had the capability to operate in both off-grid and grid tied configuration.