Rail is the workhorse of the transportation industry. Railways today are the most efficient mode of transport over long distances on land.

Powersoft19 has been providing various solutions to the rail industry for the past decade. These solutions have been applied to mainline, rail yard, wayside, and rolling stock. The systems that we have designed are compliant with the following standards:

  • EN 61508
  • EN 50128
  • EN 50126
  • EN 50129
  • EN 50239

Some of the products that we have developed for our valued clients are featured below:

  • Designing of a passive RFID system that included reverse engineering an obsolete product and developing a new one with similar specifications. This solution cut the manufacturing costs to half of the original product.
  • Redesign of a Safety Critical Remote Control System for Locomotive I/O with a Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) rating of SIL 3. Advanced diagnostics and remote monitoring features were added to the system. The product life was extended by several years and the production cost of the system was reduced by 40%.
  • Development of the fault tolerant I/O controller with multiple inputs and outputs. We developed the complete product from concept leading to production transition.
  • Health monitoring solution for the Train Wheels Sets that predicted the failure of the wheels and enabled the maintenance personnel to perform timely checks on the wheel sets.