Value analysis and Value Engineering

To support our customer’s product requirements, Powersoft19 has developed a full array of Value Analysis and Value Engineering (VAVE) services aimed at balancing the design features, functionalities and associated cost. The VAVE is a continuous process that spans over the whole product management lifecycle, from concept to post-production reviews. Powersoft19 specializes in all aspects of VAVE from component engineering to product teardown. Our optimized designs are geared toward being better in cost, profitability and efficiency.

Value Analysis and Value Engineering Capabilities

  • Cost reduction analysis
    • Bill of material analysis
    • Electrical analysis
    • Mechanical analysis
    • Fabrication and assembly analysis
  • Component engineering
    • Approved vendor list (AVL) expansion
    • Cross vendor bill of material analysis
    • Spend leverage analysis
    • Restriction of hazardous materials / Waste electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS/WEEE)
    • Obsolescence resolution
    • Life cycle and risk analysis
    • Service life and product longevity analysis
  • Product teardown
    • Manufacturing assembly analysis
    • Boothroyd Dewhurst techniques
    • Competitive comparisons
    • Reverse engineering